Welcome to the Block Reveal

Welcome to the Block Reveal

The Day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The Block Reveal is Happening!

Make yourself a drink, Grab a comfy seat, and head on over to the Blockverse to unwrap your block and find out the rarity type and location. Oh and don’t forget to get to know your neighbors :)

Fill Your Blocks!

Showtime! Fill your block for the first time, and share your creation on twitter! Record a quick video for a chance to win a common block! Don’t forget to tag us. If you’re having trouble, fear not! We will be posting a step by step tutorial for filling your block for the first time, shortly, stay tuned!

Unboxing Your Block

The First 10 block owners to fill their freshly unboxed NFFT will receive a Common Block each.

Will it be you? Let’s find out!

Here’s How It Works:

Every Lord is invited to fill their Blocks with our beloved Mascot - THE DYING MONKEY.

First 10 Lords who fill their Blocks will receive 1 common block each.

Entry Mechanics:

⁃ Only 1 Block per Lord entry

⁃ Drop your Block number below

Submission of entry starts once the Blocks become Fillable after the Reveal. Go get ‘em.

Marketing the Blockverse

The vision has always been a self-governing Blockverse community and that vision has been fulfilled by NFFT’s existence and validated by the overwhelming support of the crypto community, including the media!  We’ve received very positive media coverage. Here are some of the key highlights

Bitboy “this is going to be massive”

HackCrypto “groundbreaking”

NFFT.com gets nearly sold out in the first 24 hours after launch

NFFT, The Only Fillable NFT Token Prepares To Reveal Block Rarity - Crypto News AU

Manifest Destiny

It will be within the power of the community to determine what gets built on the blockverse. We need all hands on deck to help us get the message out about the blockverse, so we’re asking you to do your part.

Evangelizing NFFT will ensure that we are able to secure support for our initiatives, connect with a broader audience, and collaborate with amazing teams, partners, and communities

The involvement of every block collector is critical to sustain growth and evolve NFFT.

Your participation will play a significant role in the development of the blockverse and ensuring that it flourishes without the creators at the helm of things.

More Updates!

Sticker Contest Winners

We’d like to congratulate the following talented winners of the sticker contest.

The Following Double Block Winners are @Luxeo and @alien

And our Solo block winners are

@Granum uwu







Refreshed Website Pages!

About Page - Features additional information  about the upcoming Auction,

FAQ - Feel free to submit any unanswered questions to be featured on this page.

Up Next : the Genesis Auction and Beyond

The Genesis Auction will be hosted in the coming weeks, and will culminate Phase 1 of the project marked by the sale of the final Tier 7 blocks.

What happens from here on out is wide open, exciting, and unknown. The community-driven approach ensures that block holders have complete control over the blocks and decision making. The community will decide what is next in store for the Blockverse, roadmap participation is open and everyone is a welcome contributor.

Remember, as a decentralized community-led project, we are limited only by our propensity for action. Take the lead!

Stay tuned and we’ll see you at the Genesis Auction.

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